Chef Silvio Suppa

Chef Silvio Suppa
1947 - 2017
Chef Silvio was well-known for his authentic, Italian cuisine and many celebrities
from Frank Sinatra, Al Pacino to the Food Network Stars of today came to dine at
his place.
Chef Silvio Suppa was born in Benevento Italy, where he learned how to cook at an early age from his grandmother. His passion for cooking ignited when he came to Connecticut and soon became the executive chef and owner, along with his wife
Vittoria, of Del Monaco's Restaurant, the legendary eatery that dominated New Haven’s famed Wooster Street from 1972 to 1997 and then opening Café Allegre in Madison, CT. With A-list celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Al Pacino to current Food Network starsstopping in for his signature Mediterranean dishes, Chef Silvio became a celebrity in his own right!
People would come into his kitchen area and ask if they could purchase the sauce, which he graciously gave them in small containers. In time, this turned into a regional business and his jarred sauces were found in local stores. However, due to the popularity, as people moved out of the area and/or told others about it, they soon had calls from GA to Hawaii to ship it to them saying "I'm addicted to it" - and, yes, it's that fresh tasting and delicious! Just like mama's or a loving grandmother would make for a Sunday dinner.  It’s made in small batches to maintain the freshness and there’s simply nothing like it out there, unless an Italian Chef is cooking in your kitchen!
Silvio passed on his legacy and recipes to his son, Antonio Suppa, who continues onward with Silvio’s Sauces along with Silvio’s passion for food and sharing traditional family recipes with the world!